SJ EMR Privacy Policy

How we protect you

Your identity is private and never to be shared without your consent. Personal identifiable information is not visible to others at time or moment. Phone contacts and data are confidential and will not be used/accessed without your permission.


Logging into SJ EMR needs an ID and a password. SJ EMR does not permit anyone to create a password in plain text and we encrypt these passwords for the safety of your account.

Sharing policy of personal information

SJ EMR uses certain personal information to identify its members. Such details are; the full member’s name, national id, credit card or other payment information (if provided), email address, contact number, address, health information data and photograph. SJ EMR will collect these information at the time of establishing an account and communicate with a member using these when needed.

Here are some tips about how to stay anonymous and share data securely

Always keep your password/OTP private and don’t share with anyone. Don't reveal any personally identifiable information (such as patient id, phone number, NID) in public posts on SJ EMR or other social media platforms.

Sharing of information with a third party

SJ EMR will not sell your personal information to a third party(s) without your consent.


When SJ EMR makes any amended changes in this privacy policy, you will be notified immediately.

Contact us

To update any kind of personal information, to delete your account or have any questions & concerns regarding SJ EMR privacy policy, you may contact us at info@emr.com.bd.

Note: We may preserve some of your account information after the deletion of your account.